Lagotto on the Hill

Choosing a Breeder

If you are considering selecting the Lagotto breed for your family, you’ve chosen well. They are a wonderful breed that are well suited to the care and attention that a family can provide. Lagotto Romagnolos are certainly becoming an increasingly popular breed of dogs. Scores of books as well as TV shows cover how to choose the right dog breed, however little is said about choosing the right dog breeder. Look at how the stud and dam are selected. Consider the environment in which the puppies are raised and the experience of those who raise them. Are the puppies socialized with other dogs, including older ones and different breeds? Do they get plenty of fresh air and exercise?

Why Choose Us

  • Our Puppy Environment

    Our puppies are raised on our hobby farm with fully fenced, grass fields to play in. They’re outside in the sunshine and fresh air at every opportunity for a healthy start to life and socialize daily with dogs and people.

  • Our Ethical Breeding Practices

    We raise dogs for families, but first, they are part of our family. We respect and care for our sires and our dams. We ethically limit our puppy litters to a number and frequency that still provides both the parents and the puppies with superlative care and quality of life.

  • Our Quality & Experienced Care

    As a Lagotto Romagnolo breeder, we have years of experience behind us in dog training, puppy and dog care, grooming and the retail pet supply industry.

  • Our Attention to Puppy Enrichment

    As part of the early socialization process, our puppies are individually evaluated. Special emphasis is placed on the focus areas of each individual puppy.



At Lagotto on the Hill, we raise healthy, happy and family friendly Lagotto puppies on our small, private, hobby farm in beautiful Langley, British Columbia minutes from Vancouver and the many surrounding cities of the Lower Mainland, the Pacific Northwest, the Canada/USA border crossing and Washington State.


Our Home

Our puppies and dogs have a loving home here with: plenty of space to grow; open, but protected, grassy fields to roam; and with other people and dogs to be conscientiously socialized. We are lifelong dog lovers and want to ensure our puppies’ success in your home and with your family. We are choosy when it comes to new parents and families for our Lagotto puppies and we should be! We make them a part of our family, before they become a part of yours.


Our Puppies

Our past litters of Lagotto puppies have been placed with families in BC, across Canada and the United States. If you are interested in one of our puppies, please complete our Puppy Pre-Application Form. We will contact you once it has been reviewed in order to continue the conversation. In the meantime, please visit here often for news and information. You can connect with us on Facebook.


Our Dogs

Once our puppies grow up and join their new families, we enjoy hearing about how they are doing. Many of our dogs homes remain in contact with us to share images and stories, or to ask for advice. This prompted the creation of our private facebook puppy group where we can openly discuss, share stories, educate and work on projects together as a group. See what our puppy buyers have to say about us on our public facebook reviews: See Our Reviews



  • Private, fenced acreage
  • Clean, modern puppy shelters
  • Grassy fields and wide open spaces
  • Other dogs and people for socialization
  • Loving and caring home


Our passion is to raise balanced Lagotto puppies that are healthy and well socialized on our small and private hobby farm in beautiful Langley, BC. Our mission is to ensure that your puppy fits your lifestyle, your home and your family. We have lovingly placed Lagotto puppies across Canada and the US.