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Be a part of something Bigger

Every dog deserves a home & family of their own. Whether they are a single pet, part of a multi-pet household or a show/breeding dog that is a part of our breeding program.

As a breeder, we would love to be this home for every single one of our puppies. However, if we chose to do this, it would limit our ability to select the best candidates for showing/breeding and we wouldn’t be able to achieve our mission to protect & preserve the Lagotto Romagnolo here in Canada.

Take a minute to think about this: Where do puppies come from?

Every dog was once a puppy who was brought into this world... either for profit, by accident or by a carefully selected process that has the values & vision of a human behind it. The responsibility of a breeder is a weight that needs to be bared with great respect for the lives that are introduced to the world. Our vision is to give every puppy we breed the best chance at a healthy and long life. Our ultimate goal is to make an impact to the breed as a whole, so that puppies of the future will also have the chance to experience the benefits of strong breeding decisions & healthy genetics.

guardian dogs are the best of the best

It’s by working together and sharing these values on a larger scale that we can protect and preserve the breed that we all love so dearly. The community of guardian homes that we have established over the years have been absolutely integral to the success of our entire breeding program. We are so grateful to the dedication, passion & loving care that they give to their family dogs who are also our very special breeding dogs.

Caring for a dog is a commitment and because of the hard work of the loving families we have entrusted with our dogs, we know they are living their very best lives. We simply cannot have it any other way.

"We receive such wonderful feedback about our dogs. How wonderful & loved they are, how much joy and fulfillment they have brought into their families lives. This feedback drives us to continue working as tirelessly and passionately as we do towards our vision to protect & preserve the breed. Choosing only the best of the best dogs for our breeding program.
The truth is, we are nothing without those who have opened their hearts & homes to become Guardians for our very special breeding dogs. They are at the heart of our breeding program, and we are so grateful to each and every one of them."


Dogs that enter our guardianship program are the dogs that may become one of our breeding dogs. We meticulously select them for the individual traits that serve to preserve the health, form & function of the Lagotto Romagnolo breed in it’s entirety.

These are some examples of how we carefully asses our potential breeding dogs:

  • The genetic lines behind each dog is carefully researched, observed & selected ahead of time.
  • The temperament is studied by knowledgeable, trained & skilled eyes in order to select stable, balanced dogs. These are dogs who can not only accomplish the tasks that they were initially bred for, but who are also mentally stable, adaptable & flexible enough to live happily alongside their human families in everyday life.
  • DNA is tested for genetic markers of health problems, disease & illness that our breed is pre-disposed to; Such as Benign Familial Juvenile Epilepsy & Lagotto Storage Disease.
    [ Learn More about DNA Testing ]
  • The structure of the dogs hips & elbow joints are x-rayed and must meet not only the breeders very high standards, but the expertise of specialized veterinarians who score them based on Pennhip or OFA standards.
    [ Learn More about Hip Testing ]
  • Eyes are tested annually by veterinary ophthalmologists so that any dogs showing signs of genetic eye problems can be removed from the program as soon as the knowledge is available to us.
    [ Learn More about Eye Testing ]
  • A veterinary cardiologist will screen our breeding dogs to ensure a healthy heart following OFA guidelines.
    [ Learn More about Heart Testing ]
  • The exceptional examples of the breed will be meticulously analyzed by the breeder, handler & many qualified dog show judges in a show ring. They are compared against other excellent examples of the breed. The dogs size, coat, expression, bone, structure, movement, shape & overall form as it relates to their function is inspected with great detail. This involved process is why well bred purebred dogs are predictable, strong representations of their breed.
    [ Learn more about Conformation & Breed Standards ]

Guardian homes allow us to carefully select the next generation. We can watch the puppies grow into adults as they live in a stable home environment just like any other pet. By carefully observing all of their unique qualities as they blossom into adult dogs, we get a clear understanding of who they are and most importantly, what the potential will be for their offspring.

Lady holding a lagotto puppy up to her face and kissing it
three lagotto dogs relaxing on a bar patio with their owners
adult and child laughing outside a store with 3 lagotto dogs on leash

are you passionate about the breed?

The life we envision for all our dogs is being a part of a family first. The relationship between the breeder and the guardian helps us to advance our vision for a happy and healthy future for all Lagotti Romagnoli, while also contributing to the quality of life for each individual dog.

While we already have several excellent guardian homes currently, the right environment and people for this type of relationship is something that we are always open to exploring with potential guardians. Living within 3 hours drive of us here in Langley, BC is strongly preferred.

Does this sound like something you would like to be a part of? If you think that you have the right home environment for one of our guardian dogs or if you want more information and would like to discuss it, please reach out to us through email.


  • I’ve been a Guardian for Elvis for 3 ½ years before he was retired from the breeding program. He has been the most amazing addition to our family. He’s also been a lovely companion to my first Lagotto, Gio who is 15 months older.

    One of the most personally rewarding parts of my experience as a LOH lagotto owner has been how much these two dogs have taught me. Seeking to understand and enrich each of my two lagotti has allowed me to study not only the breed, but also their own unique personalities. I particularly love how Elvis is so very different from Gio, and their talent for dog sports are different, too. While both put their all into everything they try, I’ve become attuned to the fact that Gio’s heart is in dog agility while Elvis’ excels in Rally-O.

    As a part of Tracey’s breeding program, I have the honour of watching the raising and development of Elvis’ offspring. Often, I find myself sharing the same joy & wonder that his puppies bring to their families. But, the most rewarding part of being a guardian home is having Tracey to learn from and consult with. Being a part of the bigger picture for the Lagotto Romagnolo as a breed, and meeting the network of families that share in this vision has been such a great experience.

    -Barb Dales
    Elvis & Gio


  • "Being part of the guardianship program is a journey that I enjoy being on. This journey has enriched my family and dog's life for the better. The best part of being a guardian is you become part of bringing joy to so many families."
    - Anna


  • You have built a community that is remarkably dedicated and efficient. All eye exams were complete on time without any hiccups. You have great people on your team!
    - Vetrinary Optimologist, Langley Animal Hospital.